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About Me

Just more bytes about me

Christian Barra

Hi there! My name is Christian and I like to build things and share my knowledge.

In the last years I worked as a consultant, software developer and data scientist focusing on:

  • Machine/Statistical learning
  • Data engineering
  • Event-driven architecture using Python/Go
  • Open Source

I am a proud Pythonista and Python Software Foundation Fellow.

A big part of my last 5 years were dedicated to growing the Python Community in Europe.

I have been a board member of the EuroPython Society, core organizer of 4 editions of the EuroPython Conference and conference chair of EuroPython 2017.

I often give presentations at conferences or meetups and you can find them on:

I am big advocate of the distributed and remote culture. Since 2013 I have been working, more or less, remotely – with the big pros of meeting amazing people and explore the 🌍.

I am often around Europe, for conferences or to escape the winter, so follow me on Twitter to find when I am in your city and we can meet up (I am serious about this!)

My (side) projects

I am currently working on 2 side projects:

They are in a constant work in progress state and they need more attention.